General Questions


1. What is the ACT® + STEM Premier Partnership?

ACT and STEM Premier joined forces in 2014 in an effort to enhance opportunities for all students, especially those that are underserved in the area of STEM. After every test ACT sends out emails to inform students of this opportunity. Through STEM Premier, students can qualify for scholarships which are funded through a joint effort of ACT and STEM Premier, as well as build a profile which allows them to draw interest and recognition from colleges and businesses from across the country.

2. What is STEM Premier?

STEM Premier is a digital ecosystem that assists all levels of talent in identifying career pathways and scholarship opportunities. STEM Premier is also used by admission counselors for recruiting top talent to their schools and employers for developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline. We’re the first online platform for students to showcase their academic and technical skills and connect with organizations looking for them. 

STEM Premier acts as a virtual hub, bringing everyone together: students of all ages (13+), technical schools, universities, companies, organizations, and more. Students showcase their talents through digital profiles, discover resources and scholarships, receive guidance and coaching, and connect with talent seekers who can view student profiles and recruit them directly via internal messaging.

3. Is STEM Premier free?

Yes. Getting started is free for both students and organizations. A premium level membership, which gives students access to exclusive scholarships and more, is also available.

4. Is STEM Premier secure?

Yes. STEM Premier is committed to protecting students’ privacy, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

5. What kind of colleges and businesses use STEM Premier?

All kinds.  Both 2 and 4 year colleges, technical schools, Fortune 500 companies to small culture driven businesses, are all looking for something different through their recruiting efforts – be it career interests, test scores, credentials, work experience, grades, soft skills, and more.