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STEM Premier assists all levels of STEM talent in identifying career pathways, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline


How it works

1. Create

Students create a profile showcasing everything about themselves: skills, talents, experiences, and more.

2. Search

Schools and companies search for, identify, and track the next generation of college and career-ready talent.

3. Connect

Conversations are exchanged between talent seekers and upcoming students - establishing direct connections earlier.

4. Thrive

Relationships are built, students discover new opportunities, and colleges and companies deepen their future talent pipeline.


Redefining STEM

Traditionally, talk of STEM automatically brings engineering, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer workers to mind. 

But STEM stretches across the entire job market, touching virtually every industry. STEM-related careers include architects and health-care workers, assembly line workers and welders working with precision requirements and machinery. Small business owners use STEM skills every day from math for budgeting to technology skills to keep computers and networks up and running.

Even web and graphic designers use STEM skills to flex creative muscle while using advanced computer programs to build websites like the one you’re reading right now. STEM competencies are increasingly relevant in every field. 

And opportunities for those with a STEM education doesn't end in traditional STEM roles. High demand for STEM-based knowledge, skills and abilities also allows talent to divert from STEM jobs, as these highly marketable skills allow for the transition to different and often more lucrative career pathways, including management and entrepreneurial endeavors.

STEM Premier utilizes this holistic definition and approach to STEM as it promotes possibility and prosperity for STEM students in all arenas.

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