Hi! Looking for STEM Premier?

We changed our name. Remain calm, all is well.


Now we’re


Say farewell to


Still with us? Breathing steady? Great. Read on.

STEM Premier is now Tallo. As we grew to help hundreds of thousands of young, talented users showcase their skills and get discovered by college and companies we realized something… we’ve evolved.

Our users have a wide spectrum of skills, passions, and interests — in STEM fields and beyond. With this rising inclusivity (which is awesome), we recognized the need for a name that represented who we are now and where our platform is going.

So, say hello to Tallo! If you want to learn more about the change, we wrote a quick blog post about it.

What’s the same?

Don’t worry, your STEM Premier login works for Tallo and your account is still there. That’s your stuff and we don’t touch your stuff. From now on, you can log in to your account on app.tallo.com/login. Keep it updated so we can send you opportunities that you might be in touch.

What’s different?

The name, the logo, the website links, and the colors: all new. Oh! And Instagram! We have that now. So. Follow it. It’ll be fun. Photoshop yourself doing something fun and/or ridiculous with the new logo and tag us. If we like it we’ll send you a t-shirt.